Thumpback: Skylanders: Giants

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Thumpback: Skylanders: Giants

Post by Smoldercrash on Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:18 pm

Thumpback is the Water Giant Skylander who first appears in Skylanders: Giants.

"Hail to the Whale!"
Thumpback was once a fearsome member of a pirate crew on board a very large ship (and it had to be large, what with him being a Giant). They sailed the seas, shivering their timbers, saying "aargh" and mucking about with treasure. But Thumpback wasn't happy. The pirate stuff was all well and good, but the big whale monster's real passion was fishing. When the oppurtunity arose to snag the biggest catch of his life - the legendary Leviathan Cloud Crab - Thumpback couldn't pass it up. Things didn't quite go according to plan, however, and Thumpback was carried off by the cloud crab. He refused to let go, and the rest of the pirate crew could only watch as he was dragged across the sky and over the distant horizon.
The cloud crab eventually got away, and Thumpback never found his ship again. His days as a pirate were over, but when he joined the other Giants to help fend off the Arkeyans, his days as a Skylander had only just begun.

Default Abilities


Anchor's A-Yay!

Up Close and Personal

Soul Gem and Wow Pow(s)
Soul Gem: 4000 Gold: Blowhard: While belly sliding, press the Attack 1 button to spray water and starfish.
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